Sunday, September 18, 2011

All the Animals

I kinda have a problem.
I love all the animals.
If I go somewhere and there are animals, I have to pet them.
Here are pictures of some of the animals in my life.

This first cat lives at the pet store by my house. Right next door to the pet store is a tanning salon and the cat likes to visit it. Here is the big fat cat sleeping in the tanning salon's window.


These next two are taken at the apple farm. I actually touched the goat, but only after seeing a little kid pet him and not bite.


This is a mini horse sleeping. I of course call her Lil' Sebastian.


And here is the best for last. Recently, a good friend of mine got a boston terrier. This is my dream dog. Her dog, Steve, is the best dog ever. Such a sweetheart and so well behaved.



Me and Steve making friends


*I'm going to be making a video this week for a we love colors review. this should be fun!


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  1. i'm the same way with all the animals. i always want to talk to them too. the pony picture is extra cute, and i love when stores have pets.